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Foldable Dog Travel Water Bottle: silicone design

Foldable Dog Travel Water Bottle: silicone design

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Experience Unmatched Ease of Use:

Our U2mug dog water bottle boasts an exclusive patented design that sets it apart from the rest. We've taken the best features from other brands and created a two-in-one solution – a water bottle and a water bowl combined. No more carrying an extra bowl for your furry companion – it's all right here.

Using it is a breeze. With one hand, simply press the water bottle, and water flows effortlessly into the bowl. After your pet is done drinking, fold the cap back in place – it's that simple.

Say Goodbye to Water Leakage Worries:

We've left no room for water leakage concerns. Our top rotational buckle is meticulously designed to prevent water from returning to the bottle, ensuring that the remaining water stays uncontaminated.

Inside the cover, a sealed silicone gasket further guarantees no water leakage, keeping your travel pack dry and your adventures hassle-free. Even when the bottle contains only a small amount of water, you can confidently squeeze it without wasting a drop, thanks to the built-in water pipe.

Experience convenience and peace of mind like never before with our U2mug dog water bottle.

Discover the Pinnacle of Pet-Friendly Design:

  1. Premium Food-Grade Material: Crafted from high-density polyethylene, our pet water bottle ensures both safety and durability.

  2. Uncompromised Pet Safety: Rest easy knowing our bottle is safe, non-toxic, and designed with your pet's well-being in mind.

  3. BPA-Free and Tasteless: We've chosen BPA-free, tasteless, and soft materials that are also environmentally responsible and recyclable.

  4. Easy-Clean, Detachable Design: Each component is detachable, making cleaning a breeze, ensuring a hygienic drinking experience for your pet.

  5. Capacity Check Mark: Conveniently measure and provide the perfect amount of water according to your pet's needs with our capacity check mark feature.

  6. Leak-Proof Assurance: Our bottle cap features a waterproof lock, enhancing the seal and preventing any unwanted leaks. Enjoy feeding your pet without worrying about soggy travel bags.

  7. Zero Water Waste: Even when the bottle contains only a small amount of water, you can effortlessly squeeze it without wasting a drop. Every drop counts for your pet's hydration needs."

Material: food-grade silicone + HDPE
Colour: Blue 520ml
Rose-red 520ml
Tiffany Blue 520ml

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