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Interactive Frisbee Dog Ball with Tabs: for Energetic Pups

Interactive Frisbee Dog Ball with Tabs: for Energetic Pups

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Introducing our innovative Frisbee Ball: A versatile and entertaining dog toy!

🌟 Unique Design: This one-of-a-kind frisbee ball transforms from a sphere to a frisbee when thrown, bouncing back into a sphere in just 3-5 seconds. It offers easy throwing, impressive distance, high flight, and exceptional performance, serving as both a dog ball and a frisbee toy your dog will adore.

🐾 Multifunctional Fun: It's not just a toy; it's a bounce-back frisbee, interactive training ball, teething aid, tug of war toy, and outdoor sports entertainment – all in one. Your dog will enjoy a variety of playtime activities.

🏃 Interactive Training: Throw or kick the toy for your dog to retrieve, enhancing bonding during outdoor activities, including water play when your dog swims.

💪 Tug of War: Strengthen the bond with your dog by using the woven nylon rope as a tug of war toy, promoting fitness and playfulness.

🦷 Teething Aid: The cotton chewing rope surrounding the toy stimulates your dog's interest in chewing while helping clean teeth, maintaining oral health.

😃 Stress Relief: Ideal for multiple dogs, it encourages play, stimulates intelligence, reduces anxiety, and provides a healthy outlet for energy and mental stress.

ğŸŽ’ Portability: Easily flatten and secure with a string, making it compact and travel-friendly. Say goodbye to bulky toys!

Make playtime extraordinary with our Frisbee Ball – your dog's new favourite toy

Product information:

Function: bite resistant

Category: Toy Ball

Material: pp+abs

Size : (sphere): 145.5X 145.5X 141.5mm

Packing list: 

1x dog toy

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