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Interactive Pet Feeder Toy: Smart Feeding for pets

Interactive Pet Feeder Toy: Smart Feeding for pets

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Elevate Playtime with Our Upgraded Intelligent Robot Tumbler Pet Toy

Introducing our latest innovation in pet entertainment – the Intelligent Robot Tumbler! This toy boasts a unique rolling balance system, eliminating the need for electric power, ensuring it stands tall no matter how vigorously your dog pushes it. Pets are endlessly rewarded for their efforts, extending their mealtime fun while enhancing their cognitive skills.

Promote Mental Agility Our interactive puzzle design encourages pets to use their nose or paws to move the tumbler, stimulating their mental faculties and providing hours of engaging fun. It's the perfect way to enhance your pet's problem-solving abilities and coordination.

Prioritize Gastrointestinal Health Fill this pet treat toy with your furry friend's favorite treats to encourage slow, active feeding, and safeguard their digestive well-being.

The Ultimate Playtime Solution Inspire your pet's love for learning and play by combining treats and interactive fun. Replace mundane rubber toys and chew sticks with this dynamic, activity-packed toy. Watch your pet become more active and less prone to destructive behaviour.

Safety First Crafted from durable ABS material, this toy is safe and non-toxic, ensuring your pet's well-being. Adding your pet's favourite treats is effortless, and there's no assembly required. Simply rinse it with warm, soapy water and dry after use.

Important Tips:

  • Ensure treats are smaller than 1.2cm in diameter to fit through the hole. Most puppy and kitten treats are compatible.
  • Please note that this is not a chew toy, and it may not be suitable for aggressive chewers.

Discover the versatility of our multifunctional educational toy, which combines a toy car, thumb pick, and engaging pet feeder all in one. It's a fantastic tool to boost your pet's intelligence while offering an interactive and boredom-relieving experience. Please avoid aggressive play to ensure the toy's longevity."


Product information:
Product category: gnawing toys
Material: ABS
Weight: 300g
Color: black, lake blue, yellow, green
Size: 13.8 * 8 * 11cm

Packing list:
Food leaker*1
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