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Multi-Function Reflective Double Elastic Dog Leash

Multi-Function Reflective Double Elastic Dog Leash

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  1. Tension-Free Nylon Handle: Easily control your dog with the sturdy, comfortable nylon handle.
  2. Versatile 3D Ring: Attach additional products or use it with a dog leash for extra convenience.
  3. Reflective Design: Ensure nighttime safety with high-visibility reflective stitching and premium nylon construction.
  4. 2-Way or Long Leash: Can be used as a versatile 2-way dog leash or extended for longer distances.
  5. Hands-Free Convenience: Equipped with a belt, allowing you to walk your dog while multitasking.
  6. Adjustable Size: Provides long-distance adjustability for various walking scenarios.


  1. Removable Design: Separate the dog belt and leash for individual use as needed.
  2. Pocket Design: Includes a large pocket for smartphones and two small pockets for keys, coins, or small items, perfect for running or walking.
  3. Hands-Free Fun: Enjoy your favorite songs while running or walking with your dog, thanks to the hands-free design.
  4. Shock Absorption: High-quality elastic leash absorbs sudden pulls, helping you maintain balance and control when your energetic dog moves unpredictably.
  5. Reflective Safety: Reflective stitching increases visibility, reducing the risk of accidents during nighttime walks.


  • Enhanced Control and Comfort: Tension-free handle and shock-absorbing elastic leash provide better control and comfort for both you and your dog.
  • Hands-Free Flexibility: Convenient belt design allows you to multitask while walking your dog.
  • Increased Safety: Reflective stitching ensures you and your dog are visible during nighttime activities.
  • Storage Solutions: Pockets for storing essential items make it easier to enjoy walks and runs with your pet.

Invest in our hands-free reflective dog leash with adjustable nylon handle for a safer, more convenient, and enjoyable outdoor experience with your furry friend.

Product information:
Material: Polyester
Telescopic length: 160-260cm
Specifications (length * width) 2.5*160 (waist belt 70-120cm) (retractable running belt 160-260cm)
Color Royal blue (softcover 270g), orange (softcover 270g), fluorescent green (softcover 270g), water green (softcover 270g), black D-ring fluorescent green (softcover 270g)

Packing list:
Retractable dog harness*1

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