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3L Cat Dog Water Bowl Fountain with LED Light

3L Cat Dog Water Bowl Fountain with LED Light

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  • Ultra-Silent Pump: Our cat water fountain boasts an ultra-quiet pump, operating at less than 30dB. You'll hardly notice the gentle flow of water, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep even when it's placed in your bedroom.

  • LED Light Shortage Alert: This innovative cat fountain is equipped with a smart pump that automatically shuts off when the water level is too low, preventing burnout. The LED light turns red to alert you when it requires more water, while a blue light indicates normal operation.

  • 3L Golden Capacity: With a generous 3-liter (101oz) capacity, our cat drinking fountain ensures your feline friends have access to a week's worth of water. It's also suitable for small dogs, providing them with hydration for 3-4 days. Ideal for families on short-term business trips or busy schedules.

  • Triple Filtration with Qualified Material: Crafted from high-quality PP resin material that's BPA-free and durable, this cat water bowl features a dual-core, triple-layer filter. It effectively removes 99% of impurities, delivering clean and fresh water to both cats and dogs. Be sure to rinse the fountain filter before use and replace it every 3-4 weeks for optimal performance.

  • Easy to Install and Clean: Our pet water fountain features a user-friendly quick-release structure, making installation and cleaning a breeze. Regular maintenance, including cleaning the water pump and fountain every two weeks, prevents potential clogs caused by pet hair and debris, ensuring uninterrupted operation."

Product information:

Category:Water dispenser
Product material: ABS
Product voltage: 5V
Product size: 25*13*13cm
Product packaging: 25.5*13.5*14cm
Packing list: 1 set of filter / pump 1 set
Product capacity: 3L
Applicable objects:Dogs and cats

Specifications: USB socket 5V (with home charger)

Color: Berlin blue (silent models) motor upgrade, ore white (silent models) motor upgrade, Berlin blue (high-end models) silent with light water shortage power failure, ore white (high-end models) silent with light water shortage power failure, cartridge 3 layers of filtration (6 pieces)

Berlin Blue Silent Models: Motor Upgrade 

Cartridge3 layers of filtrati: Filter cartridge 3-layer filter (6-piece pack) 

Ore white high models: (high-end model) mute with lights lack water and power

Packing list:

Water dispenser x1



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